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Parents who attend our Internet Safety workshops typically arrive with a good bit of  anxiety about the Internet, particularly around issues of online predators. It is our goal to provide parents with tips for keeping their children safe from others. But we also want to make sure that parents understand the need to monitor how their children are acting […]

Computer security company Trend Micro has an offer for any teen (or adult) who cares about Internet safety and security and is looking for opportunities to become an award-winning filmmaker. The company has launched a contest called What’s Your Story? The lucky person who submits the best short video (no more than 2 minutes) can […]

If your children are using Facebook, do they understand that everytime Facebook updates its privacy settings, they will  need to update their settings – immediately!? Because the default for many privacy options for minors is “friends of friends,” your kids could easily lose control of what they’ve posted to their Facebook accounts. We recommend sharing with your children Common Sense […]

How do we educate ‘tweens and teens about the ethical use of cell phones? Sexting* has become an issue in communities the world over, largely due to the ubiquitous nature of mobile phones with cameras. Unfortunately, many students do not understand the consequences of their actions. We hope the video below from the AdCouncil and […]

Does your child text while driving? If the answer is “yes,” he or she is at the same risk of causing a fatal accident as someone who is driving while legally drunk. The statistics are far reaching and frightening. Across the nation, celebrities and organizations are grappling with this escalating problem. Oprah Winfrey is taking […]

California Assembly members are proposing a bill that would expand on the 2007 Chavez bill (AB 307) requirement for teaching Internet safety in California public schools. The Chavez bill originally addressed the need to teach students about copyright and fair use. The bill was later amended to include a section on Internet safety. A new […]

A visit to Toby Johnson Middle School’s Video Productions class is like stepping into a whirlwind of amazing media activities. Throughout the classroom, students are teamed up and collaborating to meet a variety of production deadlines. Student groups may be working on Public Service Announcements, commercials to promote school activities, movies to be used for instructional purposes […]

For the past year, we (2WebWatchers) have taken our Internet Safety workshop on the road in an effort to make it accessible to parents as well as teachers. These regional face-to-face workshops serve as an open invitation to parents to join in the conversation of best ways to help their children learn to use the […]

An Internet Safety Night for Sunrise Elementary parents is scheduled for Thursday, April 2, 2009. This workshop is part of our continued effort to teach parents how to best guide their children in the safe, effective and ethical use of the Internet. Our presentation is an interactive, highly participatory conversation with the community at large. […]

The first annual Pleasant Grove Region Parent Forum will be held today – Saturday, January 31, 2009, from 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M., at Pleasant Grove High School. Internet Safety for Parents is one of the many workshops offered by EGUSD, PGHS and Katherine Albiani Middle School.  This workshop includes background information about Web 2.0 technologies, such […]