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If your children are using Facebook, do they understand that everytime Facebook updates its privacy settings, they will  need to update their settings – immediately!?

Because the default for many privacy options for minors is “friends of friends,” your kids could easily lose control of what they’ve posted to their Facebook accounts.


We recommend sharing with your children Common Sense Media’s step-by-step video tutorial on how to update Facebook privacy settings.

We also recommend reading the accompanying article, which addresses what parents need to know, what your kids need to know, everything you need to know about the privacy settings, and the bottom line.  In this case the bottom line is

Your kids have to reset or review every privacy option. And we urge you to make sure they do it, pronto. And, parents, even if your kids have “friended” you, don’t be surprised to find that you can no longer see their pictures! That may be bad news for you, but the good news is that it means they’ve used the tools at their disposal.”